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Welcome to the Shepherd.Net! The place where you can find the best sites from the industry in just a few minutes... My name is Shepherd and I always wanted to do something just like this. Well when I was a bit younger me and my friends, we spent lots of hours in the front of our PC's, while looking for some valuable pay sites. Actually there were days, in which we couldn't find any worthy site at all! Damn we were mad, everywhere we found just cheap porn, the same pictures on every site, videos that we couldn't download or watch, or just some 5 second clips... After few days we had only ten pages that we entered regularly... Then we thought about something new, fresh and something that will help the porn fans just like us! We thought on making a catalogue that will include all the fancy sites we have found... At start we seek them on our own, later some bigger companies helped us, giving us links to some really worthy pay sites! Well as our collection started to grow, we discovered that it will be a lot easier for you when we make some short description of every site that we add to our catalogue! Well our catalogue was bigger and bigger with every day, as our trusted seekers discovered for us tons of fantastic porn sites that will surely satisfy you! At this moment we offer you our database containing over 210 links and it grows with every day. We did all our work just for you, porn fan! We want to make your life better, and we want the problems we had while seeking for valuable porn disappear forever! We have put into our catalogue some best pages from almost every category of porn... from Asians and teens to transsexual, gay or fetish!

Well I don't know what do you like, but I know one thing... we have it ready for you! Just enter our page, read some descriptions and you will know what site you want to try! Every one site from those that we offer to you are pay sites, that means that you will have to pay a few bucks to gain enter to all the content that is available on that page to watch or download... Well but just think, now days there is nothing for free (of course except our page ;)) and if you want something really good, you have to pay some real money for it! I bet that those 20 or 25 bucks a month are not really much for you, and believe me you want regret spending those money!!

If I had a chance some years before, just like you have now, I wouldn't even think about it! High quality porn is worth of every money and we offer you nothing but solid portion of best porn available in the world! Remember that most of models that pose on those sites are exclusive for them, so you won't find the same pictures on movies in two other sites! Every new site means a new great portion of sex.. well this is something that you seek for right? Well what can I say more to you, if you don't want you don't have to use our service, we don't loose anything if you don't try our offer, but you will loose so much... Believe me, why lose your time and seek the porn on yourself... just let the porn find you!! Have fun while using shepherd.net, I hope that it will help you a lot!!


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